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Tired of vague and general backcountry information?

Mighty Bighorn Maps presents the largest and most comprehensive oblique-angle and aerial photograph database of backcountry snowboard/ski slopes available anywhere on the web. Over 120 potentially rideable/skiable slope photographs can be viewed here for FREE using an easy to navigate Google Earth API. Use this tool to help plan your next backcountry adventure in the Central Kootenays. This database is growing all the time so check back often for new photos.

Need more detailed route information? Mighty Bighorn Maps publishes high-quality 1;25,000 folded topographical maps of the Kootenay Pass, the Rossland Range, and the Whitewater Ski Area. These maps will have you creaming out the locals before they get out of bed!

View Route Photos

View over 120 oblique-angle and aerial photographs of rideable/skiable backcountry slopes in the Central Kootenay Region of British Columbia, Canada.

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Purchase high-quality 1:25,000 topographical maps of the The Rossland Range, The Kootenay Pass, and Whitewater Ski Area,. Each map includes georeferenced route photographs, backcounty ski routes, avalanche terrain exposure scale ratings, hut locations, and much more....